Miva Merchant Named Third Best SEO Shopping Cart Software Vendor

Miva Merchant has been named the third best SEO shopping cart agency by the independent authority on Search vendors, topseos.com, for the month of March 2012. The decision to name them one of the best ecommerce shopping cart solutions was based on their performance in the evaluation and ranking service which compares software vendors based on their features and the results which they are able to achieve for their users. The list is revisited on a monthly basis to include the latest technological advancements and proprietary advantages of each software vendor.

Miva Merchant provides a proprietary SEO software solution with complete PCI compliance, credit card processing solutions, and web design and development services. The features of their software meet the needs of most ecommerce websites and are consistently updated with the latest technologies and trends to ensure each online store can maximize its potential. Through the integration of important features for online businesses, Miva Merchant offers store owners a robust framework to create their own online store.

The evaluations of the best shopping cart software vendors provide topseos.com with valuable information to help them rank the best in the industry. The process involves delving into five areas of evaluation which have been found to best effect the final results of a customer’s use of the software. The five areas include GUI features, basic features, customization, SEO friendly, and overall stability.During the evaluations, Miva Merchant was identified as a top software vendor based on their results in each of the five areas including their exceptional management interface as well as the level of customization available in the software application.

At least three customer references are obtained in order to ask them questions about their use of the software, which features of the software were most valuable to them, and how their use of the software has provided them with benefit. This information is used to compare the benefits and proprietary advantages of each software solution. References are asked general and specific questions about the software solution.The references which topseos.com received for Miva Merchant provided strong feedback and approval of the features and quality of service for the ecommerce platform and the additional services which were offered to them.

Miva Merchant provides a powerful SEO shopping cart platform which includes many basic and advanced features for store keepers hoping to decrease their work load and increase the efficiency of their online store. Those looking for the best SEO shopping cart service should consider Miva Merchant for their shopping cart platform provider.

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