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Tips for Spotting Fake Online Product Reviews

Online product reviews play an important part in online shopping.  Before online shoppers hit the “Add To Cart” button, they will usually spend time to go through product reviews to justify their buying decision. The merchant with more positive product reviews normally gets the business.  The recent fake Amazon product review issue has drawn people’s attention to the authenticity of online customer reviews.

Here are some tips that help you spot fake product reviews from real ones.

1. The product reviews are overly positive and rated with all 5 stars.  If you see multiple 5-star reviews within a short period of time, you should be suspicious.  Normally the product review rating can be various and timing can be spontaneous.  Some customers do not even rate though they leave very positive reviews because they simply forget to check the rating.

2. The product review is too general. For example, “I’m very happy with your company, the service, quality and price.”

3. The product review is too detailed.  For example, the review gives out the product’s model number and even the percentage of savings.

4. The product review sounds like the company’s sales slogan.
For example, “ABC Company is worth to try!!!”  “Good quality, good service and price!”

CBS Early Show’s Regina Lewis says some of the review sites do scan for patterns to try and catch reviews that have been paid for and are fake. Regina also mentions some red flags in reviews that help you identify fake product reviews.

So now you know how to identify fake product reviews. I suggest you leave objective product reviews whenever possible. In this way, you not only help other consumers make appropriate buying decision but also help online merchants improve their products and services.